Message from the founder, Meg McElroy MS, PA-C:

I am a Physician Assistant/Associate who started working in the field of functional/integrative medicine in 2003, but grew up receiving care from an integrative doctor (who I eventually worked for prior to becoming a PA-C).  I have training from over 15 organizations in this “specialty”, and am an IFM Certified Practitioner.

Like many in functional/integrative medicine, I have had my own health challenges that mainstream medicine couldn’t address well, including thyroid autoimmunity, women’s health challenges, GI issues, and environmental illnesses.  However, I do not attribute supplements or dietary changes as what have been the game changers in improving my health, and it is a continued journey to find ways to address stress (my biggest flare-trigger), support sleep, and address other factors that impact health.

I created this website with a primary focus on increasing integrative/functional medicine support for my medical/nurse-model trained colleagues, from those that are interested but haven’t made the leap, to those that are fully integrated into an integrative/functional practice.

A few things I like to remind my colleagues who want to get into this field:

  1. Always ask “why” (aka personalized biochemistry)
  2. Avoid green allopathy (aka using a supplement instead of a pharmaceutical to treat a lab abnormality, which unfortunately I’d estimate 80% of functional medicine practitioners currently do!)
  3. With every visit, check in on lifestyle habits that can affect health (sleep, stress transformation, nutrition, movement, screen/technology use, and community).  These are often put on the back-burner when focusing on a lab findings or set of symptoms.

I currently practice functional medicine through Parsley Health.   As a PA-C, I’ve worked with various start-up clinics that focused on diabetes and metabolic syndrome, lifestyle medicine, and corporate wellness.  After working with an established functional medicine clinic in Austin, I realized there was a need for high quality, cost-effective care.  I was frustrated with the over-reliance on supplements, expensive unvalidated testing, and the lack of good evidence-based medicine.   I couldn’t find any place like this, so I started my own clinic at the beginning of 2019 .

In December 2020, despite a successful practice, I hit burnout as a business owner.   My decision to join Parsley Health was solidified when I learned that they not only focus on a less-is-more approach and making functional medicine more affordable, but they also utilize health coaches to help patients have an accountability partner to implement treatment recommendations.

I can address most symptoms/conditions, but I particularly enjoy focusing on what I call the G.A.M.E. changers (Gut, Autoimmunity, Mitochondria, Environmental), helping those with unrelenting fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, gut issues, and “brain fog”.  When I’m not seeing patients, I’m reading articles on PubMed (yes, I’m a geek!), working on creative ways to support my patients (blog writing, videos, etc), managing a private Facebook group exclusively for PAs and NPs (PAs and NPs in Functional/Integrative Medicine), learning carpentry and gardening, and taking walks with my dog Lu.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy the content I’ve put together on this site!