Where I Received My Functional Medicine Education

I get asked all the time: What is the best organization for functional medicine education? As much as I’d like to say that one of the following is THE best, the truth is that every organization has their strengths, and areas they could improve on. My List (So Far…) The following are organizations where I’ve […]... Read More

What I Learned from Starting – and Leaving – A Functional Medicine Practice

At the end of 2017, I left an established functional medicine practice and started my own. At the time, I was living in Austin, TX. I looked into positions at other established functional medicine clinics, but the salaries were abysmal (i.e. most paid hourly at $50 an hour, yet charged patients $500 an hour to […]... Read More

Courses and Training on Mycotoxin-Induced Illness

Mold is part of our world. It is inconvenient when we find it on our food.  It is irritating when it causes allergies.  It can be lifesaving when it creates an antibiotic. But of the more than 50,000 species of mold, around 200 are currently known to potentially cause serious illness in humans. particularly via […]... Read More

What is the best functional medicine training program?

I started my path in functional and integrative medicine in the 90’s.  I’ve worked for others. I’ve co-owned my own practice. And today, I work with the amazing team at Parsley Health.   One of my “extracurricular activities” involves supporting the education of my peers, particularly in the correct clinical use of functional medicine.  I […]... Read More

Brief Summary of Top Functional Medicine Programs

The following programs are mentioned here (I can’t include all – that’s why the educational resource is in book format!): IFM SAFM Kara Fitzgerald’s Clinic Immersion Program A4M Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) The concept for this was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Bland and his wife, Susan, in 1990.  It officially became the IFM nonprofit […]... Read More
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Article I Wrote for TAPA on My Functional Medicine Business Journey

The following is an article I wrote for the Texas Association of Physician Assistants. 1) What got you interested in functional medicine? When Dr. Jeffrey Bland coined the term “functional medicine”, it was intended to be a hybrid of molecular biology, integrative medicine, and conventional medicine. It was not intended to be “green allopathy” (more on that […]... Read More

Green Allopathy

The other day, I was shopping at my local Natural Grocers.  As I walked through the supplement section, I heard a customer discussing some allergy-type symptoms with the employee.  The employee was well-versed in which supplements to suggest, and recommended a couple of options for symptom relief.   As I listened to this brief exchange, […]... Read More
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Tall Poppy Syndrome: Handling Criticism in Integrative Medicine

As practitioners learn and reap the benefits of functional medicine, they will inevitably encounter colleagues that try to belittle their efforts.  Any practitioner that goes beyond the constraints of allopathic medicine (particularly if they have received training in Western medicine) will be subjected to judgements and criticism. When this happens, it is only natural to […]... Read More
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Standard of Care and Functional Medicine

  I once read a Facebook post in an integrative community group that asked members what natural “go-to” remedies were recommended to give her husband (who had been in an accident a few hours earlier, and was “showing signs” of a concussion).  Floods of comments came through, giving dietary and supplement device, until finally an […]... Read More