Functional Medicine Lab Companies

Most of the labs we use in functional medicine are not available through mainstream medicine and are done via independent lab companies.  However, this does not mean that these are subordinate (all are usually CLIA certified)!  Why doesn’t mainstream medicine use these?

  1. Lab results are not backed up by algorithms and must be correlated with patient history (i.e. personalized interpretation).
  2. It takes a lot of time to interpret and review the results (which is not in line with an insurance model of efficiency)
  3. Many of the labs use laboratory testing techniques that are mostly found in research (and it takes at least 17 years for research to be implemented into clinical use!)
  4. Most of these labs are small, independent, and focus on quality over quantity.

Common Labs Used in Functional Medicine Practices

(Most of these offer a full spectrum of comprehensive functional testing including urine/saliva/stool/blood-based tests, but don’t go through commercial labs like LabCorp for blood tests)

One-Stop-Shop Companies

(Many of these use the common labs above, in addition to offering commercial-based blood tests)

More Specialized Lab Companies

  • Alletess
    • Food allergy and intolerance testing (IgG, IgA, IgE)
    • Also runs other gut tests (H. pylori, Celiac, etc)
    • Been around since 1980
  • Aperiomics
    • Metagenomic sequencing of infectious microbes
  • Armin Labs
    • Focus on testing for tick-borne infections
    • Based out of Germany
  • Biocept (Cancer)
    • Uses blood testing to look for DNA-fragments from tumors (in place of a biopsy)
  • BodyBio Fatty Acids Test
    • Offers blood-based testing of various biomarkers and fatty acids
    • Provides intervention recommendations
  • Cyrex Labs
    • Many blood-based (and some saliva-based) testing options
    • Focused on research and antibody/immunology testing
    • Only company I’m aware of that uses real-life food preparations for testing (e.g. cooked eggs vs raw eggs)
  • DNA Connexions
    • Urine-based test that looks for Lyme and co-infections
  • DiagnosTechs
    • Offers hormone, food sensitivity testing, cortisol, gut testing, and more
    • I like that you can order “Flexi-testing” (e.g. just one gut test), which is lower cost than a full panel
    • Been around since 1987
    • LRA-based food sensitivity testing
    • Also offers some predictive biomarker tests: omega index, DNA oxidative risk (8-OHdG), vitamin D, homocysteine, HgA1c, hsCRP
  • EnteroLab Test
    • Stool-based testing of genetics related to Celiac and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS)
    • Also uses stool-based testing for food sensitivities
  • Fry Labs
    • Testing for infections and biofilms, including tick-borne illnesses
  • Galaxy Diagnostics
    • For Bartonella testing (uses a multi-step culture process), blood-based
  • GenoMind
    • Offers 2 prescription-based tests (24 vs 15 genes)
    • Provides resources to apply these genes (e.g. gene-drug and drug-drug interactions)
  • GeneSight
    • Looks at various psychotropic medications (over 60), and potential reactions to these based on pharmacogenetics (8 genes) and pharmacodynamics (4 genes)
    • Also has a separate MTHFR test
  • HDRI/Nagalase
    • Offers specialty tests like nagalase, kryptopyrrole, catecholamines, and more
  • IgeniX
    • Best known for their extensive Lyme-disease panel
  • SpectraCell
    • Micronutrient testing and cardiovascular testing
    • Been around since 1993
  • Metabolic Solutions
    • Offers SIBO and other breath tests
  • Microbiology DX
    • MARCoNs testing
  • Microbiome Labs
    • Newest stool test (BiomeFX), associated with MegaSpore Probiotic company
  • MicroGen Diagnostics
    • DNA-based testing (blood, urine, stool, ENT, wound): Infections and biofilms
  • MyMycoLab
    • Mycotoxin testing (blood-based)
  • NES Health (bioenergetics)
    • Technology-based
    • Also uses PEMF and Infoceuticals (similar to homeopathic remedies)
  • Neurogistics
    • From-home testing (finger prick, saliva, urine) looking at neurotransmitters (brain health, especially with children), gut, and hormones
    • Also sells professional-grade supplements
  • Quicksilver Diagnostics
    • Mercury Tri-Test and Blood Metals Panel
    • Affiliated with Quicksilver Scientific (sells high-end supplements, many of which are liposomal
  • Real Time Labs (Mycotoxin testing)
    • Urine-based and at-home testing
  • Sanesco (Neurotransmitters)
    • Neurotransmitter and hormone-based tests
    • Offers supplements as well
  • T-Lab
    • Advanced laser microscopy-based testing for infections
    • Started by Dr. Mozayeni (leading researcher in chronic human bartonella infections)
  • Toolbox Genomics
    • Provide reports of genetic SNPs that are clinicily applicable for risks and wellness.
    • Offer training for practitioners as well.
  • Vibrant America
    • Has a large menu of testing options; known for their “Zoomer” tests (Neuro, Gut, Wheat, etc)
    • Uses “microarray technology” (only 1 tube of blood needed)

Please note, many labs can offer a LOT of data (i.e. biomarkers), but more data does not translate to better care or improved patient health.  As a practitioner, please always be aware of the “gold standard” for any test, and know that newer technologies or tests that seem too good to be true may not be helpful for your patients!