Getting Started as a Business Owner

In the functional medicine world, there are about six or so organizations that provide business support.

Here are two options that I know of are headed by a licensed practitioner (which I think is important to keep in mind, since I’ve found that many do not understand the limitations and liabilities behind having a medical license). Both of these are focused on health coaching, and being able to see patients all over the world (while still having an active license):

  • Evan Hirsch M.D. Virtual-MD: Dr. Hirsh’ program focuses on the 5 key steps needed to transition to a virtual practice – especially the marketing and legal aspects – but he does not accept everyone into his program. A free call with him will tell you who his program is for. Click here to sign up to access an informal recorded Zoom talk we did in September 2020
  • Maggie Berkhoff DNP: Maggie is a mom of 3 who offers a Mastermind (only available by application 1-2x per year), but she does have a much lower cost course for those that need help getting started and are willing to be on camera to get the word out about their business! A lot of focus is on how social media can bring in clients.


Some of the most difficult aspects of starting a business is all the details that go into it (I put together a low cost “get started” checklist that may want to know what goes into a business before spending all the money!).  These details include:

  • Business exposure (aka “marketing”): How will clients/patients find you?  Social media (often need daily posts so people remember you)?  Website (an absolute!)?  Local news station?  Referrals from colleagues/patients?
  • Consents and disclaimers for website (Scott Rattigan’s includes these in his documents)
  • Malpractice and liability insurance
  • Registering your business (PLLC or similar) with your state
  • Making sure there are no trademarks on your name
  • Brick and mortar stuff
  • Administrative support
  • Basics of just running a medical/wellness practice (e.g. EMR, phone, etc)
  • And more!