EMR Companies

Let’s be honest – there is no “perfect” Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMRs or EHRs)!  All are created by non-clinicians, and many do not have good support.  The following is a list of popular EMRs used in functional medicine practices.  Keep in mind that some are designed for nutrition and health coaching, and may look much “prettier” than one that offers more support for licensed practitioners (e.g. eRx).

  • Practice Better
    • Originally developed for health coaches.  Includes an “app” for patients to access.  They do offer the ability to have video courses uploaded into the software.  Highly touted by companies that provide business mentorship, such as Living Proof Institute.
    • Includes HIPAA-compliant Zoom account (usually costs $200 per month)
    • Does not include ability to prescribe directly from the EMR (can add tools).
  • Cer.bo (formerly MDHQ)
    • Used by more of the experienced functional medicine practitioners (e.g. I believe Dr. Mark Hyman uses this), you can access from anywhere, there’s no “app”, and you speak to real people when you need help.
    • This is the one I use.  If you choose this, let them know you found out about them from me (maybe I’ll get a little credit :).
  • Power2Practice
  • ChARM Health
  • OptiMantra

The following are other options to support documentation (non-EMR), which I’ve only heard about via various practitioner forums: